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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Calendar: Wednesday, December 9, 2015: Talk on Royalty & Participation Audits

The Beverly Hills Bar Association will present on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 a program on royalty and profit participation audits:

Our founder, auditor and forensic accountant Cedar Boschan, will lead top accounting and legal audit professionals in discussion about:
  • Drafting accounting, objection and audit provisions in contracts
  • Making the call to audit, hiring an auditor and issuing audit and objection notices
  • Working closely with accountants to smoothly complete audits
  • Negotiating tolling agreements, settlements and, at times, litigating
Forensic accountant and royalty auditor Cedar Boschan Moderates Panel at Lawry's
The panelists will discuss these and other elements of modern royalty and profit participation audits to empower attorneys in attendance to optimize settlements for your clients.  
Speakers include an auditor and a litigator who mutually represent plaintiffs including Richard Dreyfuss in a current case against Walt Disney Pictures, as well as an executive from MGM:

  • Neville Johnson, Esq.; Partner at Johnson & Johnson LLP
  • Edward Slizewski, Esq.; Senior Vice President at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
  • David Robinson, CPA; Owner at Robinson & Company
  • Moderator: Cedar Boschan; Founder, Boschan Corp.
Attorneys who attend the lunch at Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills (or who watch the program online) may receive 1.5 hours of MCLE credit.

Registration is now open - click here to register!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Film, TV and Music Audit Rights Discussion at the Beverly Hills Bar Association

My business partner Matthew A. Hurewitz, CPA appeared September 16, 2009 at The Beverly Hills Bar Association's Entertainment Section luncheon. Hurewitz told "The Truth About Net Profits and Audits" with other auditors and litigators Neville L. Johnson, Esq. and Miles J. Feldman, Esq.

Author Moses Avalon covered some aspects of the discussion on his blog here, and I will post below some video footage of Hurewitz's comments, when we shorten it to less than ten minutes.

You may still be able to earn 1.5 MCLE credits if you pay $105 to view the complete panel discussion at West LegalEdCenter.

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