Monday, April 15, 2013

5 Must-Know Facts About French Collection Society SACEM

French SACEM/SDRM repertoire is administered in the U.S. by two-time California Copyright Conference ("CCC") president Teri Nelson Carpenter’s Reel Muzik Werks LLC, the moderator of the CCC's April 16 panel discussion.  In honor of the panel, we present 5 must-know facts about SACEM:
  1. SACEM pays writers better - it allocates 2/3 of its performance fees to writers and 1/3 to publishers
  2. SACEM in 1985 cofounded SODRAC in Canada
  3. SACEM is a major collection society; it collected approximately $1 billion (US) in 2012
  4. SACEM's streaming revenue should grow in the future – Streaming services represented just 14% of SACEM’s 2012 income and YouTube temporarily stopped monetizing the SACEM repertoire earlier this year when YouTube and SACEM had difficulty renegotiating.
  5. Is your American repertoire with Universal?  As of this month, SACEM represents your YouTube royalties for all of Europe.  Look for some Europe synch income growth on your statements over the next couple of years.
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