Friday, January 1, 2016

What We Learned about Damages from 'Blurred Lines' in 2015
+ January 2016 Howard King Talk

Do you think Hollywood power litigator Howard King regrets his strategy to not present an alternate damage theory for jurors - and the judge - to consider when defending his clients Pharrell and Robin Thicke in the so-called "Blurred Lines" lawsuit brought by the family of Marvin Gaye?

With great deference to Mr. King, I think more defendants should consider including alternate damage theories in their defense strategy because of cases like this, where hiring the right damages expert could drastically change the outcome.

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You might find a chance to ask Mr. King a question about damages if you attend The Copyright Society of the USA's "Copyright Conversation with Howard King" in Los Angeles on January 21.  (Register and view who else registered here. Note that the AIMP members save $10 on registration - just log in to the AIMP site and then visit this page to see your discount code.)

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In any case, the below 2015 articles may interest those who wish to learn more about the damages aspects of the Blurred Lines matter: