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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gain a Working Knowledge of Music Publishing - Steve Winogradsky's UCLA Music Publishing Class Begins 9/20/2010

For years, Steven Winogradsky, Esq. has taught music publishing at UCLA Extension.  If you need to brush-up on the music publishing business, sign up now for Winogradsky's Fall 2010 class, which starts Sept. 20, 2010.  Here are the details per Mr. Winogradsky:

  • 4-Unit Course: Music Publishing: Law and Business (Course # X 448.17; Reg. # V8824)                   
  • Day/Time: Monday, 7-10pm 
  • Dates: September 20 - December 6 
  • Location: UCLA Dodd Hall, room 161 
  • Instructor contact:
  • Course Description: This overview is designed for those interested in a career in music publishing as well as for business and personal managers and attorneys who desire a working knowledge of the music publishing industry. Topics include copyright basics; songwriter agreements; setting up domestic licensing for records, motion pictures, television, print, commercials, and other areas; and dealing with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. Discussion also includes aspects of foreign subpublishing, including negotiating agreements, and collection societies. Additional topics also include, new media, social networking, digital royalty collection, and  progressive internet search engine tools and techniques to promote band and grow royalties.  Guest speakers include music industry executives and attorneys. Prerequisite: Practical experience in music publishing or music business; CPAs and Bar Association members automatically qualify.
  • Cost of the class is $550, plus $40 for the course reader.  For attorneys, there is 34 hours of MCLE credit available.
  • If you or your staff is interested in signing up for this class, please go to: for further instructions.

If you aren't in Los Angeles, check out the music publishing book by Winogradsky's business partner, attorney Ron Sobel, who knows much more about performance royalties than the average music lawyer: