Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Year in Review: Music & Interactive Royalty Highlights

January: Criteria to Collect Monthly from SoundExchange per Glenn Peoples in Billboard

February: Golden Oldies: How To Become A Music Publishing Mogul by Zack O. Greenburg at Forbes

Photo credit to Teri Nelson Carpenter (@TeriRMW): "Cedar Boschan's panel at SXSW is ROCKIN' it!! Fair royalty rates are critical!!" L-R: Gerri Leonard, Leonard Business Management; Laura Merry, NKSFB; Lynise Levine, GSO Group, Cedar Boschan, Green Hasson Janks

March: #SXSWroyalties

April: Study Shows YouTube Cannibalizes Album Sales

L-R: Cheryl Hodgson, Hodson Legal; Cedar Boschan, Green Hasson Janks; Kristin Edmonds, Morgan Stanley

May: Royalty Income Meets Marital Dissolution: Dividing, Managing & Accounting (DVD) @ The Beverly Hills Bar Association (Receive 1 Hour CLE Credit, $179)

June: NMPA Releases Music Publisher Survey Results (e.g., "In 2013 $1.09 Billion, over half of all publishing income (52%) came from Performance Royalties")

L-R: Enrico D’Angelo, Activision; Gerard Fox, Law Offices of Gerard Fox, Inc.; Vanda Cristina Massa, FOX; Wayne Kazan, Weintraub, Tobin; Vincent Scheurer, Sarassin LLP (via videolink from London); Cedar Boschan, Green Hasson Janks

July: Video Game Dealmaking: Playing to Win (DVD) @ The Beverly Hills Bar Association (Receive 1 Hour CLE Credit, $179)

August: Google set to launch YouTube Music Key - Business Insider

September: "The last small music publisher left in the Brill Building..." per John Seabrook in The New Yorker

October: Music Royalties Dinner at The California Copyright Conference
"The Game Attorney" Tom Buscaglia Interviews Cedar Boschan in IGDA Webinar - #Free on YouTube

Royalty Audits: What You Need to Know - International Game Developers' Association (IGDA)

December: Top 3 Most Important Things a Manager Does - Q&A with Artist Manager Laurel Stearns