Sunday, September 14, 2014

Top Tweets from the California Copyright Conference's "Streaming for Dollars" Panel

Top tweets from the California Copyright Conference's "Streaming for Dollars" panel held Tuesday, September 9, 2014:

Panelist Steve Winogradsky, Esq. with current CCC President, Anne Cecere @ BMI

  • At @cacopyright with Prez Anne Cecere @AnneCecere @bmi and Steve Winogradsky @WinSoMusic live webcasting 
Moderator Michael Morris, Esq. with D.A. Wallach, artist in-residence @ Spotify

  • D. A. Wallach @dawallach: Many artists refuse to put new releases on @SpotifyUSA fearing cannibalization but keep it on YouTube @ low rates @cacopyright

Panelists at the California Conference's September 2014 "Streaming for Dollars" Dinner

  • Cheryl Hodgson @CherylHodgson @cacopyright: How do you incentivize the consumer to spend money when they get it for free?
  • David Lowery @davidclowery @cacopyright: Without getting paid, I would have made 2 records, not 20.

Chris Harrison, Esq. @ Pandora Radio

  • Chris Harrison @pandora_radio  @cacopyright: The decision not to pay pre-1972 sound recordings was made before I got there #getoutofjailfree
  • Chris Harrison @pandora_radio: The only investors in new music services are Apple, Amazon and Google @cacopyright 

Darryl Franklin @ Disney
  • Darryl Franklin @Disney: We spend $1k on cable every year.  How many spend $20/month on music? @cacopyright
  • Darryl Franklin @Disney @cacopyright: YouTube will be 10 years old next year 

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