Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Beverly Hills Bar Association has invited our founder, Cedar Boschan, to speak about copyright damages at its upcoming May 31, 2017 program.  Click the link below to sign up:


Cedar plans to share her experience and insights about topics such as:

- How how she renders an opinion regarding actual damages suffered by a Plaintiff as a result of infringement
- Factors she considers when it comes to apportionment (i.e., allocating profits derived from the infringement)
- How she has been able to show that an infringer’s gross revenue is or is not reasonably related to infringement
- Document requests and interrogatory questions she suggests attorneys make in order to help prove damages

See you there!

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Year in Review - Tech & Game News

Professionally speaking, in 2016, I found articles about in-app purchasesthe value of interactive game deals, pricing of bundles and discounting to be most relevant news to my practice of auditing game publishers and distributors, while right of publicity cases like this and this were most relevant to my forensic accounting work.

Further, followers of my tech feed on Twitter - especially game developer CFOs and attorneys - were most engaged by the following news in 2016, especially news reported by Gamasutra and VentureBeat:
There were many shares of information that did not engage readers, so I did not mention them.  What was the most interesting games earnings news story not mentioned here, especially those that pertain to royalties and/or damages?